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The BioBizz Starters Pack is your top choice for growing organically. As a leader in the hydroponic and organic nutrients sector, BioBizz is a reputable nutrient formula producer, which helps growers achieve the best results. BioBizz has launched a brilliant nutrients starter kit comprising the popular Bio-Grow and Bio-Bloom base nutrients and 3 exquisite plant boosters such as Root Juice, Bio-Heaven, and Top Max. Use these nutrient formulas and top-quality soil to achieve the highest quality crops, aromatic flowers, and large fruits. BioBizz is a top-player in organic nutrient solutions and supplements, which allows growers worldwide to exceed their expectations in terms of harvest quality and yields.
 General Information

The BioBizz Starters Pack contains top-quality base nutrient solutions such as Bio-Grow (1L) and Bio-Bloom (1L) and boosters such as Bio-Heaven (250ml), Top Max (500ml), and Root Juice (250ml);
The pack is fully certified by EnvirOrganic, OMRI, the Control Union Organic EU Input, and Clean Green;
Adds a sweet taste to your crops;
The formulas are suitable for use with BioBizz' Soils.


The formulas contain top-quality and pure ingredients;
The nutrient formulas are made at the highest and strictest BioBizz standards of quality and performance;
The products are environmentally-friendly;
The formulas strengthen your crops and deliver healthier plants;
The product improve your crops' immune systems and ensure rich root development.

 The Science
BioBizz is a major producer of organic boosters and nutrients. Since 1992, the company has been delivering and upgrading its formulas to help growers achieve brilliant crops. The nutrient formulas made by BioBizz encourage beneficial microbial activity and development in the soil, which increases nutrient uptake and strengthens your plants. The starter pack includes base nutrients such as Bio-Grow and Bio-Bloom. Bio-Grow is suitable for the vegetative and flowering phases. Bio-Bloom is made for the blooming phase to sustain powerful flowering and fruiting. The kit also contains Root Juice, which builds a strong root network, Bio-Heaven, which strengthens your plants and accelerates growth, and Top-Max Booster, which stimulates flowering and improves your crops' quality and size.
How to Use
 Use Bio-Grow starting from the 2nd week of the vegetative phase at a dosage of 1ml/L of water. Maintain the same dosage until the end of the flowering phase. Use Bio-Bloom from the 1st week of the blooming phase at a dosage of 1ml/L of water and increase to 4ml/L of water towards the end of the flowering phase. Use Top-Max at a dosage of 1m/L of water starting with the 1st week of the blooming phase and increase to 4ml/L of water towards the end of the flowering stage. Use Bio-Heaven at a dose of 2ml/L of water during the vegetative phase and increase to 4 ml/L of water during the second half of the blooming phase. Root Juice is made for use during the 1st week of the vegetative phase at a dosage of 1ml/L. Maintain the pH levels between 5.8 and 6.2. Keep the formulas out of children's reach and wear protective gloves when handling the solutions. Store the products in a dark and safe place, away from very hot or very cold temperatures.

Additional information

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