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Hydrotops Bioponic Bloom A&B which is designed to be mixed with Hydrotops Bioponic Grow A&B during the change from grow to bloom. The plant's nutritional requirements only change slowly over the first three weeks of the bloom period, so by supplying nutrition reflecting these changing needs your plants nutrient assimilation profile remains high, producing greater yields and healthier plants. The Process of getting the correct nutrient profile during the changeover is as follows:
Bloom week 1: 75% Bioponic Grow - 25% Bioponic BloomBloom week 2: 50% Bioponic Grow - 50% Bioponic BloomBloom week 3: 25% Bioponic Grow - 75% Bioponic BloomBloom week 4: 100% Bioponic Bloom

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Weight 1000 g

1L, 25L, 5L


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