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Hygrozyme is an enzyme-based product that breaks down old root mass to promote new growth. Completely free of bacteria, it is manufactured in a unique way. With an unlimited shelf life and bacteria-free, there is no way it will introduce rogue living bacteria into your growing system. Instead, in the process of cleaning up your growing medium without the use of chemicals Hygrozyme eats dead protein and removes any dodgy areas where plant disease might develop! With the growing medium thoroughly purified, your plants are able to enjoy all their nutrients with the benefit of fewer attacks from undesirable invaders. A healthy growing medium fosters healthy growth and you can use Hygrozyme during all growing stages. We stock a range of sizes of Hygrozyme to provide you with ample options, whatever size of garden you operate. dilute before use in water for plants in any stage; seedlings, cuttings, for plants in the vegetative state and also those in the flowering state.

Hygrozyme® is a concentrated enzyme formula and is an essential addition to any grow system. With over 20 years of medical and horticultural enzyme formulation and production experience, SIPCO perfected a proprietary formula to help plants reach their full genetic potential. Hygrozyme provides a cleaner root zone by accelerating the breakdown of dead root matter. This process unlocks additional nutrients and helps plants thrive by stimulating new root growth.

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Weight 600 g

1L, 4L, 500ml


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