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Bio Bizz Leaf Coat

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Bio Bizz Leaf Coat


BioBizz Leaf-Coat Spray is a ready-to-use foliar spray, suitable for plants growing in any substrates. Use the spray during the vegetative and blooming phases up to 2 weeks before the flush. The product protects your plants against pests and damaging fungi. The formula creates a thin permeable and self-degradable layer on the leaves, which allows for light and air to get through. Leaf-Coat is a 100% organic strengthener, which reduces water loss and accelerates rooting in cuttings. The spray also offers your plants protection in extreme temperature conditions. Growers use the spray in addition to BioBizz nutrients and additives to achieve top-quality harvests and increased flowering.

 General Information

  • BioBizz Leaf-Coat Spray is a ready-to-use foliar spray;
  • It's suitable for use with hydroponic systems, run-to-waste hydroponics, and soil;
  • The product comprises natural latex and it's 100% organic;
  • Growers use Leaf-Coat during the vegetative and blooming phases up to 2 weeks before the flush.


  • The product is a ready-to-use 100% organic foliar spray;
  • It's a certified organic leaf strengthener;
  • Creates a thin protective coat on your plants' leaves;
  • Protects your plants against pests and damaging fungi;
  • In cuttings, the product decreases water loss and accelerates rooting;
  • Prevents powdery mildew outbreaks and isolates botrytis;
  • Works perfectly with the variety of BioBizz nutrients and additives.

 The Science

BioBizz Leaf-Coat Spray is a 100% natural product, which is used as a foliar-spray. The formula is derived from beeswax and creates a protective barrier on your plants' leaves. The barrier protects your plants from powdery mildew and pests. It's used as a preventive solution against molds and pests. The beeswax is also a growth regulator, which accelerates the rooting of cuttings. The formula is self-degradable and breaks down after several days post-application.

 How to Use

BioBizz Leaf-Coat is suitable for use during the vegetative and flowering stages up to 2 weeks before the final flush. Don't mix the formula with water. Apply it straight from the spray-bottle. Spray your plants' leaves 2 times per week up to 2 weeks before the flush. Within a short time after application, a thin elastic coat will form on your plants' leaves.

 Best Practices

Store the product in a dark and cool area, away from very high or very low temperatures. Keep the formula out of children's reach. Make sure you wear protective gloves when handling the product and avoid contact with your skin or eyes. In case of such contact, rinse immediately. Avoid inhaling or swallowing the formula as it can cause severe irritation.

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