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In the coastal caves of Java and Madagascar, bats have been living for centuries in an untouched and completely natural environment. They feed on insects and fruits from their surroundings.

Over the course of centuries, their droppings have naturally decomposed into an odourless compost. This rich resource is harvested with respect for the environment and the surroundings under the supervision of local authorities. Not with rattling machines, but with spatulas and oil lamps.

Additional organic resources are procured from other parts of the world from exclusively organically certified suppliers. For example, palm tree ashes from Sumatra and seaweed powder from Norway. A few other suppliers come from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

All our organic raw materials first come together in Aalten (NL) where they are processed by two to four employees to well-proportioned, balanced products. From here, the premium products find their way to numerous garden centres, potting soil producers, organic growers and distributors across Europe.

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