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The Lodge is a unique tent that creates dedicated growing areas for the full life cycle of the plant. The Lodge models are divided into two separate areas, the first for the main adult plants. The second area is smaller with separate access and is dedicated to the propagation and early growth phases of the plant’s life cycle.
This all-round approach to a single grow tent gives the grower the most versatile product in the category. The propagation area includes a shelf to allow maximum use of the height available in this section of the tent. The Lodge comes with most of the grow room accessories supplied with the premium models, yet with more versatility, creating an economical multifunction grow tent.
 Available in (w x d x h):

Lodge 100 - 100 x 60 x 158 cm Rev 4
Lodge 160 - 160 x 120 x 198 cm Rev 4

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Lodge 100 - 100 x 60 x 158 cm Rev 4, Lodge 160 - 160 x 120 x 198 cm Rev 4


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