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Using a Plastic Manifold will help you to easily expand your hydroponic drip system, you can connect a large number of drip lines to these manifolds in order to connect your piping to either end of the tee. These fixtures are designed to split the air flow from an air pump and direct it down a number of individual tube to Air Stones and Air Curtains. Therefore they are essential accessory for hydroponics as some air pumps do not have multiple outlets. Using this will ensure that you can split the air flow into all of the growing pots.
6 way - 8mm inlet, 4mm outlet
10 way - 8mm inlet, 4mm out
16 way - 10mm inlet, 4mm outlet
26 way - 12mm inlet, 4mm outlet

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10 way, 16 way, 26 way, 6 way


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