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Root Burst rapidly promotes the formation and growth of new roots (adventitious roots) on newly taken cuttings. 
Owing to Root Burst’s unique formulation the gel does not need to be decanted into a separate container before use. 
Root Burst also provides a natural barrier around the base of the treated cutting protecting it against infection from pathogenic fungi that can cause serious diseases that could otherwise wipe out a whole tray of cuttings if allowed to spread. 
The high concentration of active ingredients in Root Burst is optimized for hydroponic crops. This contrasts with than the ‘low level’ concentration found in generic products designed to be suitable for use on all the different plants grown in gardens by the general public. 
As with all Indica Nutrients products, Root Burst is 100% UK manufactured using the highest grade of raw materials. 

Using a pair of clean and sharp secateurs take a good-sized cutting from the mother plant. 

Re-cut the cutting just below a node (leaf joint) at a 45○ angle. 

Using secateurs remove the bottom leaves and trim the ends off the top leaves. This prevents excessive transpiration whilst the plant has no roots. 

Dip the base of the cutting in Root Burst ensuring a good covering. 

Place the cutting in pre-moistened growing media and transfer to a humid enclosure with low light levels without delay. 

Check the cuttings daily to ensure the growing media is moist and the air is saturated with water. At this time either spray the cuttings with water using a hand-held mister, or with the use of an automatic fogger/misting unit. 

Rooting will take 10-14 days. 

Once rooted, remove the cutting by pushing the growing media up from the bottom of the tray to avoid damaging the young delicate roots. Do not yank the cutting out by pulling the stem. 

For best results 

Take cuttings during early morning. 

Take cuttings from stems pointing up, not sideways. 

Do not take cutting from plants that have matured/ already flowered, or from diseased/ unhealthy plants. 

Clean secateurs after use to prevent the transfer of diseases. 


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