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Stimulate and protect your crop!
HINDU KUSH, the most effective bio-stimulants on the market combined into one powerful plant tonic. The most effective bio-stimulants on the market combined into one powerful plant tonic. These premium extracts have been proven to boost yield and quality in crops. HINDU KUSH 

Seaweed hormones and bioactives; these stimulate positive growth responses in the crop, including delayed senescence, branching, resistance to environmental stresses, and activation of plant defence to resist pests and pathogens. At  we extract our seaweed using a cold-press (juicing) technique. In contrast, many other concentrated forms of seaweed are extracted using potassium hydroxide (as used in oven cleaner!). We can thus deliver the bioactives without the alkalinity and without hydrolysing the plant hormones.

Humic and fulvic acids will improve the action of your base nutrients by making it easier for the plant to access and transport ionic elements. The humic acids in HINDU KUSH also make an excellent food source for beneficial microbes.  use a premium humic acid extract that is able to deliver these complex chemicals without the alkalinity found in many other concentrated humic products.

; a natural fatty alcohol based bio-stimulant extracted from beeswax that improves the activity of photosynthesis (photosystem II). At  we solubilize triacontanol without the surfactants and solvents found in other products (ethanol, TWEEN, petroleum etc), which are toxic to your plants.

The concentration of seaweed extract, humic acid, and triacontanol in HINDU KUSH are at the same levels or higher than would be found in most standalone products!
Shake bottle before use.
Apply to the tank after filling with water and after the addition of base nutrients.
Apply at 2.0 mL / litre in vegetative phase, rising to 3.00 mL/L during flowering.
Wash hands after use.
For best results, use in combination with  for hydro/soil crops, and INDICA TEMPLE COCO when cultivating in coco/coir (coconut fibre).
Nutrient content w/v
Nitrogen                           2.2%
Phosphorus (as P)      1.7%
Potassium (as KO)         4.3%
Humic and fulvic acids    0.1%
Thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1) 0.1%
Plus mutli-functional naturally-extracted biochemical biostimulants. Including cold-pressed seaweed extract, humic acid, fulvic acid, and triacontanol (extracted and purified from beeswax).
pH optimized for your crops.
Formulated specifically for crops growing in hydroponics, coco/coir, and soil using premium grade raw materials and ultra-pure water.
Store out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of heat (4-30 C). Keep out of reach of children. For further details on the safe use and handling see the safety data sheet or ask a representative.

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