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Triple F rapidly proved itself to be the best floral stimulation and booster product available for all growing media
The natural symbiosis between the microbes contained in Triple F and your plant's root system triggers flowering site receptor signalling, directly increasing nutrient assimilation with yields of up to 50%
100% natural
Increases flower density and mass
Contains no PGR's safe for you and the environment

Increases of yield of up to 50% have been observed during extensive trials. Triple F should be used when your plants can take optimum advantage of increased nutrient assimilation. Between days 14 to 42 of the fruiting cycle your plants' nutritional requirements increase dramatically before tailing off. It is to your advantage to use Triple F weekly during this period of high demand.
Triple F is designed to work in harmony with all HydroTops nutrients products, but especially as additional bio-stimulation to Bactivator. Bactivator is the foundation on which Triple F builds an outstanding harvest.

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Weight 200 g

125ml, 250ml, 500ml


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