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Hydrotops Grow is a two-part coco/hydroponic formula designed for the vegetative stage of a plant's life cycle. This balanced nutrient encourages large-scale branch development and abundant foliage, as well as promoting maximum nutrient uptake, as growth during this stage makes all the difference when it comes for to flowering. When combined with Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop, Hydrotops Grow creates even more flowering sites and boosts vigour, ready for final stages to come.
 Two-part formula specifically for made for hydroponic mediums

Promotes maximum nutrient assimilation in the root zone

Helps plants develop strong branches and abundant foliage

Use with Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop to shorten veg times, boost vigour and increase flowering sites

Comes in three sizes

How to use Hydrotops Grow
 Use Hydrotops Grow A and B at a rate of 3-4ml per litre. If using Hydrotops Head Start, slowly increase the EC level of Hydrotops Grow slowly once the plants are more established for a stress-free transition from seedling growth to fully vegetative growth. 

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

1L, 25L, 5L


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