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Roots Accelerator is a well-recognised, tried and tested product that is known for causing explosive root growth and protection from disease. This mix contains the perfect blend to help your plants root network thrive whilst protecting it from diseases like root-rot.
General Information

Can be used in soil and coco media;
Comprised of sea kelp, molasses, vitamin B and a blend of beneficial bacteria.


Highly concentrated
Stimulates explosive root growth and improves your plants' immune systems;
Triggers the colonization of the root area with beneficial microbes;
Creates a protective film around your plants roots to help prevent disease.

The Science
The unique composition of Roots Accelerator Gold firstly breaks down any dying root matter and isolates any harmful bacteria and disease in order to prevent it from reproducing.A film is formed around the root zone that acts as an impenetrable barrier for diseases such as root-rot. Roots Accelerator then stimulates healthy new growth at an incredibly fast rate, without affecting the rate of nutrient absorption.Repeated use of this will lead to an overall healthier plant with larger yields.
How to Use0.3ml/L can be used throughout vegetative stage and on cuttings that have rootedIf necessary, this can be used during the start of the bloom phase.

Additional information

Weight 110 g

100ml, 1L, 250ml, 500ml


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