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Produces up to 20 L/h (up to 500 L/D) of pure water. Reverse Osmosis System optimised for home gardening and hydroponic uses. Includes complete installation kit and indoor and outdoor connections.

Water conditions:

Temperature  25ºC
Pressure: Min. 3 kg - Max. 6 kg
Quality - EC (500 tds or ppm - 0.7 EC)

Other conditions can reduce water production
Replacement cartridges every 4.000 litres of filtered water

A Reverse Osmosis Systems – to lower EC.  These units produce pure water and range from 500 L/d up to 3,000 L/d, and include features like pressure gauges, flow restrictors and automatic shut-off valves to ensure your system will maintain optimum performance and reliable service for many years. They remove up to 95% of all salts, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides, volatile organic contaminants, and nitrates/nitrites. They also eliminate up to 99% of chlorine and sediments down to 5 microns, immediately!


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