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Pro-Tect is an essential vitality additive that encourages root development and helps maintain a dense, healthy rooting system. Expect rapid root growth and the prevention of root rot; this increases the resilience and overall health across the entire plant. Pro-Tect is a 100% organic formulation and can be used throughout the entire grow cycle, either within the feed or applied as a foliar spray.

Use with both the Genesis 3-part, Microbase, Grow and Bloom or the Coco A+B feeds.

Encourages clean, healthy and dense rooting systems
Prevents Root Rot
Increases Plant Health and Vitality
Apply in nutrient solution or Foliar spray
Explosive growth
Increased crop quality
Pure elemental ingredients
Concentrated Mush Style, Freshest nutrients available

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1 Gallon, 1/4 Gallon


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