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Dutch Pro Take Root is an optimized root stimulant, which promotes extraordinary root development. The additive contains natural and organic ingredients, which strengthen your plants and helps them fight against diseases and pests. The product also contains essential growth hormones, which accelerate your plants' development. The micronutrients boost plants' cellular division and help with nutrient transportation, improving the overall root development. Growers use Take Root for strong and healthy plants, which produce top-quality and increased harvest yields.
 General Information

The product is suitable for all growing mediums and systems including hydroponics, run-to-waste hydroponics, and soil;
The formula is made for use during the vegetative phase;
The additive comprises essential micro and macronutrients, growth hormones, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. The NPK ratio stands at 0.4-0.1-0.4.


Stimulates increased root development;
Optimizes your plants' cell division, elongation and the transport of nutrients;
Plants can easily absorb the additive;
The product works perfectly with any irrigation system;
The formula doesn't leave any residues.

The Science
The unique blend of organic ingredients in Dutch Pro Take Root delivers a powerful tonic to sustain and promote your plants' growth. The micronutrients ensure the optimum production of chlorophyll in leaves, which accelerates the photosynthesis process. In turn, your plants have more energy, which leads to high harvest yields. Your plants will also have stronger immune systems, which will help them fight against pests and diseases. The formula ensures that your plants' cells divide and grow at an accelerated rate. Plants will develop a rich root network and will absorb nutrients easier. Vital nutrients will be delivered easier, so your plants can focus more energy on growing.
 How to Use
Use Take Root in any growing medium and system. Use 1ml/L throughout the vegetative phase up to the 2nd week of blooming. Make sure you adjust the pH after adding the supplement to your water tank.
 Best practices
Dutch Pro Root Take is a powerful additive, which you can simply add to your water tank. First, add the nutrients and chase them with supplements and boosters. After you've added all your nutrients and additives, adjust the pH levels. Store the product in a dark and cool area. Keep the supplement away from extreme temperatures. Also, keep the formula out of children's reach. Avoid contact with your eyes and avoid inhaling the substance. Always use protective gloves when handling the additive.

Additional information

Weight 250 g

10L, 1L, 20L, 250ml, 5L


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