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Dutch Pro SOIL A+B Grow is a 2-part nutrient designed for strong plant development. The formula comprises essential macro- and micronutrients, which improve your plants' growth and immune system. SOIL A+B Grow comprises natural and organic ingredients, which plants can easily absorb for optimized growth. The formula prevents any nutrient deficiencies and toxicity but also helps your plants fight against pests and diseases. If you use the formula throughout the entire vegetative stage, you'll build a strong foundation for explosive blooming and fruiting. Enjoy high harvest yields with Dutch Pro SOIL A+B Grow.
 General Information

The formula is suitable for plants growing in soil;
Growers use Dutch Pro's formula during the vegetative stage;
The product contains natural and organic ingredients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. The N-P-K ratio stands at 4-2-6.


The product increases your plants' health and strength throughout the vegetative phase;
The formula is suitable for any irrigation system;
Plants can easily absorb the product;
The nutrient doesn't leave any residue;
The nutrient accelerates plants' growth.

 The Science
Dutch Pro SOIL A+B Grow is designed for use during the entire vegetative phase. Dutch Pro designed the nutrient for growing plants in hard water areas. Dutch Pro SOIL works perfectly when you're growing plants in soil. It contains a unique blend of natural ingredients to deliver essential micro and macronutrients for strong development. For optimum results, use the product with Dutch Pro's Multi Total, Keep It Clean and Take Root products. The nutrient is optimized to reach EC levels of between 1.5 and 1.8.
 How to Use
Fill the feed water container with water and add Dutch Pro Grow Soil part A and part B in equal amounts to achieve the right concentration. The recommended dosage is 2-3 ml/L of part A and B. For accurate measuring, use a syringe or a beaker and a CF/EC/PPM meter. Adjust if necessary. Dutch Pro designed both parts to be used in equal amounts for a perfectly balanced solution, which will prevent any nutrient deficiencies.
 Best Practices
The product is an easy to use 2-part nutrient, which you can simply add to your feed water container. Make sure you mix each part separately. When you're growing plants in soil, you shouldn't adjust the pH level. If you want to adjust it, keep the pH level between 6 and 7. The level will rise naturally once you mix in the nutrients. Store the products in a dark and cool area, away from very high or very low temperatures. Keep the formulas out of children's reach.

Additional information

Weight 2000 g

10L HW, 10L SW, 1L HW, 1L SW, 20L HW, 20L SW, 5L HW, 5L SW


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