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Dutch Pro SOIL A+B Bloom contains a unique blend of micro and macronutrients for vigorous development during the blooming period. The 2-part nutrient is designed to work perfectly with plants growing in soil. Plants can easily absorb the formula immediately benefit from its top-quality natural ingredients. Throughout the flowering period, plants use a lot of energy and need the right balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Dutch Pro's product stimulates your plants' development and strengthens them during bloom. Growers use the formula for top-quality and high harvest yields.
 General Information

The product is made for plants growing in soil;
The formula contains organic and natural ingredients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. The NPK ratio is 5-2-6;
Growers use the product throughout the blooming phase to deliver the right nutrients to plants for explosive flowering.


The nutrient helps plants achieve optimum blooming;
Strengthens your plants during the flowering phase;
Improves your plants' immune system and helps them fight against pests and diseases;
Ensures optimal nutrient uptake;
The product is suitable for use with any irrigation system;
Soil A&B Bloom is made to reach EC levels of between 1.8 and 2.

 The Science
Dutch Pro SOIL A+B Bloom is designed to be used during the flowering/ fruiting phases. The product works perfectly with plants growing in soil. SOIL A&B Bloom comprises a sophisticated mixture of organic and natural ingredients, which deliver the basic nutrients for explosive blooming. During the bloom phase, plants are ready to pollinate. The photoreceptor proteins indicate the moment to bloom. That's when the plant creates blossoms so that the pollen fertilizes the female plant. This entire process requires a high level of energy. SOIL A&B Bloom contains the right ratio of nutrients to strengthen your plants during this time.
 How to Use
Growers use the product in a dosage of 2-3 ml/L of part A and part B. Add equal amounts of both part A and part B into your feed water container and mix well. For accuracy, use a syringe or a beaker.
 Best Practices
When you use Dutch Pro SOIL A+B Bloom, don't mix both parts together. First, add part A to the water and stir thoroughly before you add part B. Because the pH adjusts naturally when growing plants in soil, you shouldn't adjust it. If you want to adjust the pH level, keep it between 6 and 7.
Store the product in a dark and cool area. Keep SOIL A&B Bloom away from very high or very low temperatures.

Additional information

Weight 2000 g

10L HW, 10L SW, 1L HW, 1L SW, 20L HW, 20L SW, 5L HW, 5L SW


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