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Dutch Pro Multi Total is a powerful additive created to improve root development. The product breaks down dead root matter and turns it into beneficial nutrients, which the plants can use. It also improves the soil's structure and increases water retention levels. The additive promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the root zone, which increases plants' nutrient uptake and protects them against pathogens. By improving the absorption of micronutrients and minerals, the product stimulates and accelerates your plants' growth. Use Multi Total to optimize your plants' development and achieve high harvest yields.
 General Information

Dutch Pro Multi Total is suitable for all growing systems including hydroponics, run-to-waste hydroponics, and soil;
Use Multi Total during the vegetative phase to set a strong foundation for powerful blooming;
The product contains a balanced mix of natural and organic micro and macronutrients, minerals, enzymes and B vitamins.


The formula is easy to absorb;
It's suitable for all types of growing mediums including soil, clay pebbles, soil, and Rockwool;
Improves the structure of soil;
Promotes the development of beneficial bacteria in the root area;
Stimulates CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity);
The product doesn't leave any residues.

 The Science
Multi Total comprises powerful enzymes, which break down dead root matter in the growing substrate and converts it into nutrients for your plants. This way the soil structure is optimized and the oxygen levels increase. In turn, this improves the development of the roots and promotes colonization with beneficial bacteria, which protect your plants against pathogens. As a result of breaking down dead root matter, a high quantity of macro and micronutrients are available to help your plants grow. So, your plants will enjoy a clean and optimized environment and can absorb the resulted nutrients. Also, the CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) of the growing substrate is optimized. It indicates the amount of nutrients, which the substrate can hold and the efficiency of elements' exchange.
 How to Use
Growers use Multi Total in a dosage of 2ml/ L during the vegetative stage, every 2 weeks. The product is suitable to use with other Dutch Pro additives, nutrients and boosters.
 Best Practices
Add Dutch Pro Multi Total to your water reservoir and mix well. First, add the nutrients and chase them up with the additives. Once you've added all your nutrients, additives and boosters, adjust the pH levels. Store the product in a dark, cool and protected place. Keep it away from extreme temperatures. Keep the product away from children's reach. When you handle the formula, wear protective gloves to prevent skin contact.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

10L, 1L, 20L, 250ml, 5L


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