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Receives wireless data from Bluelab Connect devices. The FREE Bluelab Connect Software then displays your data for easy viewing via PC & also logs your data. View the logged information on a PC, or choose the option to view remotely via the Bluelab cloud. One Bluelab Connect Stick will receive data from multiple Bluelab Connect devices.

2x longer range than the Bluelab Connect Stick 1
Send wireless data up to 100 m/330 ft indoor, or up to 400 m/1312 ft in open space
Works with Range Extenders for extra-long range (700 m/2300 ft)
View data & get alerts on your smartphone or tablet
Manage devices from your computer
Connect up to 50 Connect devices with one Bluelab Connect Stick 2
2-year guarantee

Bluelab Connect software requires Java 8+, Windows 7 SP1 or later, macOS 10.8.3 or later, & some Linux that support Java 8+. Internet connection required for the Connect smartphone app. FREE Bluelab Connect Software available. See for details.


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