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Our Black Contactors are a cost-effective option for the scheduling of your grow lights. The unit enables you to set optimum light levels during the day. The contactors' mechanical timer can be set in 15-minute increments. The relay switch activates HID lights. Growers worldwide use our Black Contactors to streamline their grow room lighting.
 General Information

The Black Contactors help growers schedule the grow room lighting in 15 minute increments;
The contactors' power bars support 13 Amps each;
The unit is made in 6-way. 


The contactors are cost-effective light scheduling solutions;
The units are easy to use, flexible, and lightweight; 

The Science
Our Black Contactors allow growers to schedule their grow room lighting in 15-minute increments. The relay switch activates the HID lights in safe conditions without overloading the timer.


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