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BioBizz is a major organic plant nutrients producer, which delivers top-quality and efficient formulas to help you achieve huge yields and exceptional harvests. If you live in a region with climate that allows you to grow crops outside, BioBizz Try Pack Outdoor is the perfect solution. It's part of the Try Pack BioBizz nutrients line. Grow like a professional and enjoy the high-quality base nutrients in the Outdoor pack including Fish-Mix, Bio-Bloom, and Top-Max. The combo offers basic feeding for up to 4 plants. The formulas are available in 250ml bottles.
 General Information

BioBizz Try Pack Outdoor comprises 3 organic fertilisers such as Fish-Mix, Bio-Bloom, and Top-Max;
Fish Mix is made for the vegetative and blooming phases;
Top-Max is an organic blooming stimulator made for the blooming phase;
Use Bio-Bloom from the beginning of the flowering phase until harvest;
The combo pack offers basic feeding for between 1 and 4 plants;
The base nutrients are available in 250ml bottles.


The products are easy to use;
They're environmentally friendly;
Growers can combine these fertilisers with other nutrients/supplements;
The products are designed at the highest quality and performance standards.

 The Science
The BioBizz Try Pack Outdoor is a complete organic plant nutrients combo including Fish-Mix, Top-Max, and Bio-Bloom. Fish-Mix comprises organic fish emulsion and 100% organic sugar beet, which accelerates the development of beneficial microorganisms in the grow media. The formula is made for coco and soil substrates. It's made for the entire lifecycle of your plants. You can also use it as a leaf fertilizer and spray it on your crops' leaves. Top Max is an organic flowering booster, which increases the weight and size of the flower clusters. It improves your plants' nutrient uptake and makes the flowers sweeter. The formula contains humic and fulvic acids, which contribute to strong floral growth and offer a boost of energy to your crops. Bio-Bloom is part of BioBizz' organic plant nutrients made for the flowering phase. The formula comprises increased levels of phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium as well as amino acids and enzymes. It's made for use during the blooming phase until harvest. With Bio-Bloom, you'll achieve strong-stemmed and exuberant blooming plants.
 How to Use
Use Fish-Mix from the second week of the vegetative phase until harvest at a rate of 1ml of formula per 1L of water. Bio-Bloom is made for use during the blooming phase starting off at 1ml of formula per 1L of water and increases the dose up to 4ml of formula/ 1L of water towards the end of the flowering stage. Use Top-Max during the blooming phase at a rate between 1ml – 4ml of formula per 1L of water. Store the products in a dark and safe area and keep them out of children's reach. Wear protective gloves when you're handling the products. In case of contact with your eyes or skin, rinse immediately.

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