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BioBizz is a leading manufacturer of organic base nutrients, supplements, and boosters, which brings organic farming to growers worldwide. BioBizz is dedicated to producing and distributing organic plant nutrients and additives ensuring the best quality of all products they make. Growers can successfully achieve the expected harvest yields. Amateur and professional growers looking to grow plants hydroponically can use the BioBizz Try Pack Hydro nutrients and supplement to gain experience and grow healthy plants. The pack includes nutrients such as Bio-Bloom, Bio-Heaven and Top-Max in 250ml bottles. The kit is made for feeding between 1 and 4 plants and get the most out of your crops.
 General Information

The BioBizz Try Pack contains 3 organic plant nutrients; Bio-Bloom, Bio-Heaven and Top-Max
The nutrients are made for the vegetative and blooming phases;
The formulas are available in 250ml bottles.


The organic plant nutrients comprise top-quality ingredients and pure raw materials;
The products improve your plants' immune systems;
The formulas strengthen your crops to deliver huge yields;
The formulas accelerate plant growth and promote strong root development.

The Science
Bio-Heaven, Bio-Bloom, and Top-Max are high-performance base nutrient are made to increase your harvest yields and ensure top-quality crops.
Bio·Heaven stimulates enzymatic activity and fast nutrient absorption, while increasing the chelate of essential macro and micronutrients. Plants are also able to retain more moisture and experience less humidity stress as a result.
Bio-Bloom is a strong fertilizer made for use throughout the entire flowering stage. It contains micronutrients, amino acids and vegetable hormones to support exuberant flowering.
Top-Max sustains the development of large and heavy clusters of flowers. The formula promotes sweeter and smother tastes of the fruits. The humic acid contained by Top-Max increases the availability of base nutrients in the soil and improves nutrient uptake.
 How to Use
Use the formulas according to BioBizz' instructions.
Bio-Bloom is suitable for use starting from the beginning of the flowering phase (1ml/L of water) until harvest (4ml/L of water). Top-Max is made for use from the beginning of the flowering phase at 1ml of formula/L of water until harvest (4ml of formula per 1ml of water). Bio·Heaven can be used during the entire growing and flowering period on every type of substrate, coco mix or hydroponic systems, the ideal dose is starting with 2ml and slowly increasing to 5ml per 1 litre of water. Follow the official Nutrient Schedule for the best results.
Keep the products in a dark and safe place out of children's reach. Protect the formulas from extreme temperatures. Wear gloves when you're handling the solutions.

Additional information

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