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BioBizz Fish-Mix is a top-quality base nutrient, which you can use during the vegetative phase. It offers your plants a unique blend of natural and organic ingredients to improve and accelerate growth. The formula contains a special combination of fish proteins, fats, beetroot extract, and amino acids, which support and promote strong plant development. The fertilizer also encourages the beneficial bacteria activity in the growing substrate, which increases nutrient uptake and improves your plants' immune systems. With Fish-Mix, you'll achieve high harvest yields and excellent crops.
 General Information

Fish-Mix is made for hydroponics systems and soil;
The fertilizer comprises organic and natural ingredients such as fish proteins, fats, beetroot extract, and amino acids;
The formula is suitable for the vegetative stage;
Fish-Mix is a base nutrient.


Fish-Mix is an organic fertiliser;
Stimulates growth and improves your plants' immune systems;
Triggers the colonization of the root area with beneficial microbes;
Improves the quality and yields of your harvest;
Supports strong flowering and fruiting.

 The Science
Fish-Mix comprises organic fish extract from the North Sea combined with Dutch sugar beet extract. The fertiliser accelerates your plants' growth and ensures strong development. The product also stimulates the growth of microorganisms and beneficial bacteria in soil and coco substrates. The fertiliser isn't extracted with acids and it isn't stabilized with butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). The product is free of any chemicals and only includes natural feeds. With Fish-Mix, you'll achieve top-quality crops and increased harvest yields. The product can also help plants recover from stressful conditions.
 How to Use
You can use BioBizz Fish-Mix throughout the vegetative stage. Use the product at the recommended rate of 1 ml/L.
 Best Practices
BioBizz Fish-Mix is a powerful nutrient, which you can add to your water reservoir or container and mix it well. After you've mixed-in the formula, adjust the level of the pH. If you're growing in hydroponics systems, adjust the level in the 5.6 and 6.2 range. Make sure that you maintain the pH towards the lower end of the scale. Once you've added the nutrient, the level of the pH will increase naturally. If you're using soil substrates, you shouldn't regulate the pH value. If you wish to regulate the level of the pH, keep it within the 6 and 7 range. Again, because the pH level will naturally rise over time, maintain it towards the lower values. Store Fish-Mix in a cool and protected place. Keep it away from children's reach. Wear gloves when you handle the formula.

Additional information

Weight 250 g

10L, 1L, 250ml, 500ml, 5L


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